Mobilskyboard MSB 360 and MSB 100
Huge mobile media for marketing, advertising and promotion

Mobilskyboard MSB 360

Using two illuminated media areas for giant banners with a total advertising space of 360 m2, (2 posters, 180 m2 each), Mobilskyboard is particularly designed for advertising at trade shows, opening ceremonies, market entry presentations, exhibitions, concerts, road shows and many other events.

The supporting structure for the billboard is a semi-trailer carrying a folding steel frame into which the giant banners are mounted. A base of approximately 1.60 m in height covers the entire undercarriage, creating an attractive pedestal for the advertisements.

The floor space required for installation is only abt. 13.7 m x 8 m (plus manoeuvring space for truck). Mobilskyboard MSB 360 is truly a milestone in the field of Out-of-Home Media! It provides highest quality and safety, size and finish are really most impressive !

Mobilskyboard MSB 100

Mobilskyboard MSB 100 offers a tremendous area for advertising (2 banners, each 50 m2), ready hoisted and extended within 230 seconds ! Mobilskyboard MSB 100 is incredibly mobile, due to to its construction as swap trailer. Mobilskyboard MSB 100 can even be deployed to several locations within a day !

The visible display area of Mobilskyboard MSB 100 starts at a height of appr.2 m so that no obstacle might interfere the view.

Mobilskyboard MSB 100 also meets the highest quality and safety standards, in accordance to the strict German regulations. Due to its mobility and short assembly time, Mobilskyboard MSB 100 will satisfy the most sophisticated demands in all application fields of outdoor advertising.